Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pool Fun

One of the major perks of our HOA is the pool.  Our fees help maintain a really large main pool, a baby pool, and two life guards who are always on duty.  With all the 90+ degrees days with humidity the pool has been a very happening place.  We are lucky to go often with a couple of friends.

Loving the bucket our friend A brought.

G bear carrying a heavy load :)

This is our little friend K.  She and Peach are in our nursery together...she cracks us up with her hair dipping routine!

No more pictures please :)

All I want for Christmas...this week Captain E lost both his front teeth.  His new lisp cracks me up :)  I have to get him singing for the camera.

Last year Captain E wouldn't even put his head in the water, now he's teaching himself to swim.  He's actually getting pretty good.  Maybe he's finally ready to take lessons from the life guards :)

This is my favorite in the series.  Captain E likes to swim around the pool with G bear on his back. 

Our friend B likes to join in the fun!

Look at those eyelashes!

No qualms about jumping in the pool!

G bear has these cute little freckles that have shown up this summer.  Freckles and eyelashes, I've got some really cute kids.

Have to love the matching swim suits!

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