Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ekos Cacau - Natura Product

I grew up in of the flip flop and bare feet.  Even now, a thirty year old mom of three flip flops are still my favorite footwear.  Every day of late spring, summer, and early fall I wear flip flops.  I pay the price, bad tan lines and calused heels!  I count on a winter in socks and shoes to soften them up.  Something went wrong this winter though.  My feet have been so dry this summer!  They actually grate the sheets when I slide my tootsies into bed at night.  I've tried lotions but they make my skin feel soffocated and have done nothing to help.  I decided it was just going to have to be scratch sheets for me.  Then I got this stuff.  My sister spent a semester in Peru and this Brazilian company Natura is extermely popular there.  The woman of Peru sell it to friends a relatives, think Mary Kay or Amway, the Brazilian organic, natural product version.  This stuff is for hands but I've been using it on my feet and hands.  It is delicious!!!!  It smells so good.  It goes on thick but doesn't leave me feeling soffocated, and best of all it makes my feet feel like silk.  My major am I going to get more of it!!!!

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