Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zhu Zhu, Boo-Boo

Batter operated pets are all the rage right now.  My kids got six this year, three zhu zhu pets, one Fur Real Puppy, one Fur Real Panda, one Fur Real baby Penguin.  They ADORE ALL OF THEM!  The little noises they make, the movements, they really are commercialized to be exceptionally pleasing.  Add the fact that they don't poop, shed, or bite and they are a parents dream pet.  Two down falls I can see...1)Those bateries are going to run out.  2)The Zhu Zhu pets are little scalping machines.  The company is well aware of this.  It says right on them, "Do not put near hair."  Unfortunately when you get a scrum of kids, babies, and Zhu Zhu pets accidents are going to happen.  Twice now Peach has managed to be on the receiving end of this flaw.  Now she has a three pronged callick.  It is going to be painful watching this grow in for year to come :(



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