Friday, January 14, 2011

If Other People Saw You....

Peach is a dancing queen and will dance to any music; the radio, nursery rhymes, commercials on TV, elevator music, etc.  Her dance moves are so hilarious that Dr. J and I will often make up songs on the spot to get her going.  Yesterday at the table, "Shake it little Peachie, Shake it."  "Shake your little armies, shake them."  "Shake your little leggies, shake them."  "Shake your little head, shake it."  As I sung I was moving my corresponding body parts with her.  Captain E looked at me and said, "Mom don't do that, it's embarrassing."  I turn to him and say, "What do you mean?  Why is it embarrassing?"  And he says, "Because if other people saw you, THEY WOULD BE EMBARRASSED FOR YOU!"  Six years old and I feel like my world has collapsed a little.  I've gone from being the center of his universe to a social liability :)

1 comment:

  1. So sorry Crystal. Count your blessings though, being a mother with 3 little critics is only half as bad as being one with 6 little critics!



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