Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 45 Alone - Stuck in the Ariport

So a certain dashing husband (he actually does like quite dashing in a suit with his new haircut.  I thought it was to short but with a little gel it is quite nice) took the train up to Chicago this morning.  His original flight was  suppose to leave at 9:45.  That one was cancelled and we rescheduled for 2:00.  That one was cancelled while he was on the train.  Now we are hoping the 8 PM one leaves.  Poor guy though...stuck in the airport for eight hours not knowing.  What a pain.  If he misses his flight tonight he'll have to try again tomorrow.  The negative on this is of course we paid for his hotel with if he misses tonight we are out the money....BLAH!!!!!  It was nice having him home last night.  He actually made it to the Christmas Party.  Since the Party is usually during finals week this is not a guaranteed thing.  I loved having the extra hands to chase Peach down at the party...and also sit her on Santa's lap.  When we found out who Santa was this year, I said, "Oh good you can sit on his lap".  Thanks for good friends with a great sense of humor!!!! 

In unrelated family news Peach is enjoying putting words together.
"That's mine."  "It's a shoe."  "No done." "What's that?" And my personal favorite of last week the "My turn," she yelled and she shoved Gigi off the stool.  I'd been putting toothpaste on the brushes and making up little stories about how they were a prince or princes and I was their hand maiden.  Apparently I wasn't going fast enough for Peach.  Gigi was very good natured about the whole thing.  She is mellowing substantially.  Yesterday Dr. J had Captain E trapped with his bum in the air.  He yelled out to Gigi, "Free spankings, come give E a free spanking."  She yelled back, "No!  I'm a nice sister!"

In unrelated me news I tried out a different name on Saturday.  We were volunteering at the Chrisis Nursery kid shop and on my name tag I put the name that my family and close friends call me.  Think of my name and shorten it into a boys name.  That is it!  I wanted to try it out to see if I wanted to make it permanent in the move.  Dr. J and I have been joking about reinventing ourselves when we move.  First off we aren't very social, and we decided that when we move we are going to put off the social vibes and see if we can't get it to snowball.  Then there is the exercise thing.  We're inconsistent, so we need a house big enough to put a tread mill in.  Finally the name thing.  I have never really been a fan of my first name.  All of my sisters names after those of relatives and have a purpose in their name.  My name on the other hand happens to just be one of the most popular of 1980, later picked up by strippers and drug namers.  It would be tolerable if there was a purpose but so far I have found none.  I asked my dad a few years ago why he choose my name and the man said, "Honestly I just can't remember."  Blah!  The irony is the name is extremely difficult for my Mexican grandparents to say.  As a child they shortened my name to the previously hinted at boy name.  As an act of familiarity all of my siblings have as well.  My husband started calling me that name sometime after he heard my family calling me it.  Several friends have when they heard my husband.  I like it, it is easy, I already answer to it.  Why not just make it official at the move :)

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  1. Hey Crystal! When we moved to Illinois I had people call me by "Davanah" instead of "Nina" at work just to see what it was like. I found out that "Davanah" was okay and I could get used to it but I've been going by "Nina" for so long that it's just normal for me that people call me by that.

    P.S. You have the cutest stories!



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