Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 50 - Alone...Wow these post are getting boring ;)

So here we are at day 50 alone.  Peach wants to say bye, bye :)  Good for her.  The end is at hand.  Dr. J is doing his last Chicago interview.  There are three more that he for sure is doing.  He cancelled four others today.  The interview process is so draining emotionally, physically, monetarily (don't believe me ask my bank account which gone into protective custody).  At a certain point when you are relatively sure you have secured a yes at more than one place that you happen to really like, well then maybe it is time to pack some of them in.  This leaves his with fifteen interviews, probably ten places that we would be really excited to go.  So the hope is that other candidates who maybe didn't get as many interviews will get some more.  There are two other interviews that we are still on the fence on. They are great places to go but because of their distance from home (we are talking far north east) and the fact that the interviews practically overlap each other we're having trouble being excited about them.

Tonight I made the kids oatmeal.  Yup, that's where this crew happens to be on their culinary delights tour.  I know it sounds horrible but the kids were excited.  I wouldn't say they are picky but they definitely prefer plain.  They had theirs dripping with brown sugar.  I added sliced bananas and pecans to mine, my favorite way to eat oatmeal...and it was divine!!!!  The bananas give it sweetness the pecans give it crunch.  Yesterday we did sweet potato quesadilla an idea I got from my friend Linda.

I sauteed 1/2 an onion in olive oil, then added two grated sweet potatoes.  When the mix was nice and cooked I three in a cup of cooked black beans.  Then I made quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas.  In my frying pan I had, tortilla, layer of cheese, sweet potato mix, layer of cheese, and another tortilla.  Cooked on one side until it had browned, flipped and cooked on the other side.  I served them with sour cream and homemade salsa.  So yummy!!!!!!

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