Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 41 Alone-Does it Count?

Does it count as alone if my husband crawled into bed this morning at four thirty?  We snuck a few hours of sleep and then he came down at eight to eat cake and ice cream for breakfast with the kiddos.  They of course think he is the coolest.  We got to chat for about an hour while I helped pack his suitcase after I dropped the kids off at school.  Then he was off again.  This time for Columbus.  They had dinner at one of the residents homes...who happens to be Mormon.  Apparently the program pulls in one Mormon a year.  When you consider they only take eight residents a year that is pretty good odds.  My top guesses as to why...
1) A Temple.
2) An Airport.
3) Costco...Sam's club is not the same.
4) They pay for you move.
5) A cost of living that makes a measly little resident be able to buy a fair nice house. 

He called me tonight and left a message that the hotel he is staying in is pretty darn swank.  There are times that I'm pretty sure I dislike the man!  Best moment of the day: Finished my advant Calendar.  Worst: tons of yelling when two kids peed on the floor within thirty seconds of eachother.  I'm seriously considering having my self medicated.  I need to chill.  That or take up the bottle....

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