Sunday, December 5, 2010

Captain E

There is so much going on in that little six year old mind.  Yesterday Dr. J and I were having a slightly heated discussion.  First he tried to work out a compromise between the two of us.  Later he came downstairs and when we said his name, he said, "Wait now don't get me back into this."  Dr. J and I just laughed.  He is such a perceptive little kid.  Then today we were watching this show Bizarre Foods.  The kids loved it because well these are really weird foods.  Someone eating a bat, what kid doesn't want to see that.  This particular episode the host was visiting the country of America Samoa.  The kids say, "Wow mom we need to go there.  It could be really relaxing for everyone in the family."  Ten minutes later he says, "Nope never mind there is no electricity there. I can't go where I can't play my WII."  Cracks me up!  He also asked Dr J, "Dad what do you have to give mom so that she can have another baby."  Yup that was a nice one.

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