Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Provo River

 Four generations of men in my hubbies family.  From left to Right, Captain E, Uncle Taylor, Dr. J, Great Grandpa Wid, Grandpa Bob.  We took the opportunity to spend as much time as we could with family.  That meant we went to see Grandpa Wid and Grandma Jane.  When J's parents got divorced when he was three he lived with his grandparents and his mom for eight years until his mom married Bob.  Jane and Wid are some of the nicest, best people on earth.  It is hard to watch them age and know they might not be around forever and so we try to enjoy every second we can with them while they are still with us!

We also took the opportunity to go out to some family property that Bob's dad left to his kids when he died.  He and his siblings shared a piece of land bought by their parents and now Bob and his siblings share it as well.  It is basically just a place where people keep RVs but it is on the Provo River and it is beautiful.  My kids had so much fun shooting tubers as they passed by the camp and when that go slow a family water fight ensued. 
 They spent much of their time out on this log because it gave them superior distance on their shots.  Pretty much you couldn't pass this part of the river and not have my kids spray you. 
 Grandma and her girls!

 All three generations of men in this family enjoy spraying random people boating by. 

 When Cheetah has to be removed from the river!  The girl wouldn't have left unless forced. 

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