Wednesday, September 2, 2015

July 4th

We had to leave our house only July 1st but we weren't going to be able to move into our new places until the 10th.  Because of this we decided to stop in Utah to hang out with our families.  Luckily they didn't mind.  We were hoping to make it to Utah July 4th.  Forth of July in Utah is a big deal and we really didn't want to miss it.  Luckily we pulled into town at 3.  Grandpa Bob headed off for food and fireworks.  Uncle Rob and cousin Andy headed over as did aunt Niki.  The girls were excited to get out of the car and happy to see their cousin Andy. 

 I have to say July 4th is the most fun when you are married into a family of pyros.  Our first run these were the fireworks we bought.  Midway through the night this was deemed too few and two more firework runs were gone on.  Two other families in the cul-de-sac were shooting off as well and probably each had at least double this number, then one guy a few streets over was shooting off professional grade stuff.  It was awesome.  We didn't even have to leave home to have quite a show!

  Lighting things on fire...a family affair and yes we start them young!

 The kids loved lighting these smoke bombs off by themselves. 

 My younger girls really love their Uncle Ta.  Can you tell from this pic!

 We also lit plenty of stuff off once it got dark.  That is sort of the annoying thing about July 4th though.  It takes forever to get dark.  By the time we finally got the kids in bed it was probably eleven.  They were covered in soot and smoke, ice cream and root beer and totally hyped up.  Luckily we only had two mishaps.  One of the little kids stepped on a piece of ash.  Probably Cheetah although I can't really remember now but she is the one not wearing shoes in this pic so it was probably her.  Everyone else listened when I insisted they put shoes on.  Also grandpa accidentally set Taylor's shirt of fire.  Oops!  I'm surprised the kids next door shooting bottle rockets off their heads and out from between their legs didn't end up hurt but luckily everyone else was fine.


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