Friday, May 16, 2014

Seriously Cute Preschool Crafts

This year Peach has come home with some seriously adorable preschool crafts.  These are just a handful of things she's brought home in the last few weeks.  

Last week they pretended they were cowgirls/cowboys.  Each child had a horse put on a wrapping paper roll.  Each child had a hat.  Each child had a handkerchief they had stamped with western stamps and a sheriff badge.  It was adorable.  Peach spent the whole day riding around the backyard.

 This little chick was an Easter surprise.  It is pretty much just a yellow paper rolled into a cone.  A few more pieces of cut construction paper and you have a sunny chick hat.  She of course loved this.
 This week they were doing a sea chapter.  That little whale was just a painted half Styrofoam ball on a piece of blue foam cut into the shape of whale.  It had two googly eyes and silver pipe cleaners to be spray coming from it's blow hole.  We also loved this little crab.  He is a painted paper bowl with eight red cardboard paper legs.  He has Styrofoam eyeballs on the top of  top of his head and his pincer claws are made out of two painted clothes pins.  ADORABLE!  I love her teachers and she loves all the creative projects they have for her to do!

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  1. Keep posting these! I'm doing a co-op next you'll be my inspiration. ;)



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