Thursday, May 1, 2014

Best Mom Dress for $15

I'm not a Fashionista, in fact my hubby likes to joke I spend 2/3 of my day in my gym clothes, 1/3 in jeans, and 1/3 in pajamas.  Do you like the math on that.  In general my uniform is jeans and a t-shirt, except Sunday when I'm in a dress for church.  In the summer things get harder.  When I was a kid I used to run around in short shorts and tank tops but now I'm a mom.  Now I cover a lot more of my body, mainly because I have a lot more underwear and a lot more of myself to cover.  Jeans become almost unbearable in the humidity of the midwest.  A few summers ago I started wearing longer skirts and I love them.  They look a little nicer than jeans and they keep me a heck of a lot cooler.  I've really been enjoying them but the last year or so I've really started to want a maxi dress.  If wearing a skirt and shirt is cooler than wearing pants and a shirt than wearing just one solid long piece of clothing has got to be cooler than having to wear two.  The problem is it has been nearly impossible for me to find a maxi dress that has sleeves, wasn't cut super low, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.  Then this week I was walking through Walmart trying to find a few more pencil pouches for my quiet books and I walked by this dress.  Then I walked back.  I rarely shop at Walmart for anything and certainly never for clothes but I couldn't help but pull two of these off the shelf and bring them home.  They were $15 a piece and they were perfect!  Ok I'm not a huge fan of the rope belt, but I figure I can replace them with a belt I already own or not wear a belt at all.  

Here are all the things I love of about this dress: 
  • It is long.  I'm 5'7" and it is the perfect length for me.  I was playing on the floor with my girls today and no underwear showed.  I also love where it hits when I'm standing.  It might not be so great for shorter ladies.
  • It is light
  • It has sleeves.
  • It isn't super low.
  • It has buttons on the front (if I'm ever nursing again I could totally nurse in this thing).
  • It is super comfy.  I felt like I was wearing pajamas today.  I may never wear anything else again.
  • It is very forgiving.  I imagine I can still wear this if I manage to lose some more weight, using a tighter more structured belt,  or even if I was to get pregnant again.
  • It comes in two solid colors (red and black) and three stripped colors (gray/blue, tan/white, black/white).
  • It comes in size small, med, large, xl, and xxl.
  • Oh and yeah it is $15.  
I love this dress.  I now own the black and white one and the gray and blue one.  I probably will wear them every day this summer!  Does this mean I'm going to start shopping at Walmart for my clothing, probably not, but I'm going to enjoy these two dresses, especially since two of them cost me less than one would have anywhere else.  If you happen to be in Walmart looking for school supplies this summer it is totally worth checking out or find it here online.


  1. Very Cute! And is that your bedroom you are standing in? LOVE the yellow and grey. What a pretty chaise! (is that what that's called???)

    Also. I never commented about your jury duty post but I have thought a lot about it. What a horrible experience! I have actually always wanted jury duty, but I think you have changed my mind.

    Happy Spring!

  2. That is the perfect mom dress! I may need to hit up walmart:-)



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