Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photo Books

...the reason I haven't been blogging the last week. After we got those beautiful pictures done by Jessica I decided I wanted to put together a photo book of my favorites.  Then I decided to do the ones from when Cheetah first came home.  While I was working on that Gigi came by and asked me if I was ever planning on putting a book together of her baby pictures.  That's right folks, the girl is six year old and I never did a scrapbook for her.  I have baby books where you write stuff down that I've done for all the kids and I have the blog, but only Captain E was lucky enough to get the first year of his life documented via a photo scrapbook.  I guess I've just been busy...maybe raising kids or something :)  But it does make a little sad because I've taken thousands of pictures of the kids and our adventures and while I love having them on the blog my kids can't just pull them off the shelf and flip through them every once in awhile.  They read the blog sometimes but it really isn't the same as bringing a photo book to your mom and saying, "tell me about this," or "look at me doing this."  I really believe that a large part of my memories as a child were looking at pictures and having my mom tell me the stories over and over again.  I want that for my kids, so after I did the family books with Jessica's pictures I started one for Gigi, which today I FINISHED!  Hurrah!!!  So I have 1 year of her life documented, only five more to go, or five more to infinity, or who knows, but at least I have that one year!  Now I'm uploading the first years pictures of Peach.  I'm hoping to get her first year done as well.  And then if I'm feeling super ambitious, maybe I can get to Cheetahs pictures.  Wouldn't that be amazing!  I do have a deadline here though folks.  Until January 22nd I can get the photo books 50% off at Snapfish using the code BOOKSJAN.  So that's my goal, two more books in nine more days.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Way to go! Good luck keeping up the momentum. :)



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