Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Baby Brother

My family is full of music lovers.  I've been at home when everyone has just broken into popped up versions of Phantom of the Opera or operatic versions of the newest Maroon Five.  Mostly we're just goofy about it and while it is a true a few of us have done some choir or dance here or there and my brother David was in one musical, for the most part we just keep it to our little family unit (The one exception is mom who has sung in Choirs our whole lives).  Untrained, informal  and much more fun are we.  A couple of years ago my brother started playing the guitar.  When I came home for Christmas my mother insisted he play for me the new song he'd written.  So he just started in on it while we were finishing up the last of Christmas Eve dinner.  Typical older sister style I wasn't prepared for the fact that I was going to like it.  In fact that I'd like it a lot.  So after he'd sung about thirty seconds I started frantically looking for my phone, because I wanted to capture the moment when I realized I'd totally underestimated him.  Then half way through I realized I'd left my dumb headphones in, so at second 49 you hear when I pull them and the sound gets a little more clear and you can get a an idea of just how nice his voice is.  Some of my favorite bits of this video, captain E photo bombing at 1:10, my mom's random dancing while eating dinner, she was trying to get Cheetah to dance while I was actually film on her.  My brother Danny acting goofy but then getting embarrassed.  My sister Fleebles acting like a drunk chick and my brother-in-law Johnny licking that spoon.  The photo quality is horrible, and he's probably going to kill me when he finds out I posted this but I just loved it so much.  David I'm so impressed with where your life is going right now.  You are having fun and living the dream out in San Francisco and I'm so proud of you.  And to all the rest of my family, I love you so much.  When I saw Dan in Real Life I thought, man I want to have a family like that, but the funny thing is I do have one.  That's probably why I loved it so much because we are the type of people that would sing a song about a girl with a pig nose.  You guys are the best!


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