Friday, January 18, 2013

"They're Real" Mascara Review

Before I get into this post I want to say I am by far no makeup expert.  I'm not trying to turn this blog into a fashion/makeup blog, because honestly there are a million great ones already out there and frankly I totally stink at picking out outfits and rarely wear makeup.  I promise you, you probably won't have to see another one of these for a long time.  Disclaimer out of the way I am a girl who it would not be much of an exaggeration to say, doesn't have any lashes..  It is a family thing.  My sister Ang is also eye naked as is our mom, the one we curse for this blasted condition :)  It drives me bonkers.  I don't know why I want eyelashes, but I do.  My husband has a forest of them, my kids are all blessed with beautiful, dark, lush lashes that curl.  My BFF Heather had lashes so long and thick it would be safe to say I had a crush on her lashes.  A few years ago my mother-in-law started having fake lashes put on.  She has pretty long lashes, but they are blond and I guess she just wanted a pick me up.  I told my husband I wanted to do it and he told me I was nuts.  The thing you have to understand about Dr. J is that bangles and sparkles do nothing for him.  The man loves me the way my mother brought me into the world, naked, and just doesn't see the point in spending money and time on looking like something other than yourself.  Plus lets face it, those fake lashes are not cheap.  I think my mother-in-law said that she spends $80 to have them put on and $40 every four weeks to have new ones added.  So yeah, not really in my price range, and really, for the most part there would be no point.  I only wear makeup on Sunday or when I'm going out with friends and I don't want people to say, "Wow, you look tired."  

On those few days a month I wear makeup I want lashes.  God didn't give them to me though, and I'm not going to buy them, so what is a girl to do.  A few weeks ago I was at Saphora picking up some concealer and I asked the girl, "What can I do about having no lashes?"  She suggested this product They're Real.  So I brought it home and tried it and let's just say I love it!  I mean really.  So I don't have Heather lashes, but I have some lashes, and for a girl like me, that is quite a big deal.  

 They're Real on the Left - Plain on the Right

So then I thought, maybe I need to show regular mascara as well so that's what you have below.
They're Real on the Left - Great Lash BIG on the Right

So there you have it.  While both mascaras give my tiny little lashes a boost, the They're Real side definitely has more curl and length.  FAB!!  Definitely plan to keep buying this stuff, at least until God sees fit to bless me with good lashes of my own :)


  1. I RUNNING to Sephora right now!!! Thanks! The pictures speak a thousand words!!!

  2. Whoa! I want to try this stuff too!!!

  3. Whoa! I want to try this stuff too!!!



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