Thursday, January 19, 2012

Preemie Life - Week 2

Week 2.  Dr. J woke up with terrible back pain.  When it brought him to his knees he self diagnosed a kidney stone.  He tried to call in to work to tell them he needed to go to the emergency room.  No one answered the page so he decided to drive down to work at the Children's Hospital, tell them he wasn't coming in and then drive himself to an adult emergency room.  I decided to come along because I was worried he would pass out on the way.  Just a few miles from home he finally got a call back.  They told him to please take himself to the emergency room.  Once there he found out he had a stone 3mm by 8mm.  The thing was huge.  The plan was to have him flush it.  They doped him up and told him to drink lots of fluids.  Pain and drugs morphed into a miserable week laying in bed, vomiting, and rolling around in pain.  The stone managed to jam itself in his ureter and in the end he had to have a laser taken to it and a stent put it.  It was a horrible week for him.  There was a plus side though.  With dad home I was no longer responsible for the three o'clock feed.  Viva to parents!  I definitely needed the extra sleep.

Family many kids, no room for mama :)
I have a picture like this with daddy and all the kids.  I'm starting to think they all prefer sleeping next to dad.

This shirt says I LOVE Daddy...but it is to cute not to show.

Look at how much tape I have on my face.  Turns out it is really  difficult to keep that NG tube once the kids start moving.

Daddy catching up on some reading, baby catching up on some sleeping.  Notice the clean cheeks.  We tried a day without NG feeds.  It worked well the first day, but the second day she was so tired we had to put the tube back in.  Sad day.


  1. Heehee! Too cute not to show it?? You mean you considered not showing it??

  2. Heehee! Too cute not to show it?? You mean you considered not showing it??



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