Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

 Do you like the tree?  Turns out I'm one of those people who covers it with all the crazy homemade ornaments my kids make.  Maybe it's tacky but I love it!  As for all those presents, I had to carry everyone down by myself.  There are some huge ones in the back.  It took me eleven trips to get everything from our closet downstairs.  This particular night shift is killing me slowly :)  Can't wait until Tuesday when we can say goodbye night shift for awhile.
 Kids waiting at the top of the stairs to be let down!
 Presents and paper oh my!

 Wait I don't remember buying that?
 Girls having a little fun.
 Meanwhile at the hospital Cheetah was rocking out this cute gymboree outfit Grandma Linda sent her.  She was in a mood because I made her take a bath.

Resting with the Christmas hat the nurses made her.  

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