Thursday, January 5, 2012

Preemie Life - Day 68....Exhaustion

Exhaustion, I don't think I knew what it was to be truly tired until I entered the realm of mother to a new infant.  This time around is no exception.  I said to Dr. J recently, "Have we gotten to old for this?"  This was after a night where we went to sleep right after the nine o'clock feeding and didn't "get up" until well after the next nine o'clock feeding.  It makes me seriously question, "Have I gotten to old for this?"  Is it the extra years that make is so difficult?  The fact that I have three other kids at home that must be taken care of?  The extra time and preparation it takes for a feeding to be completed?  The exactness with which one must be enforced?  The fact that Dr. is working a 5pm-7am night shift? Or is it the combination of all these things?  Whatever the source I feel bare bones tired, worse then I ever have with any of my other children.  Today I spent the morning laying on the couch trying to accomplish as many activities as possible while not getting up.  I played poly pockets and read books.  I scheduled play dates via text.  I planned my weekly menu.  I directed a game of I Spy and a trampoline/counting game that ended in two girls bonking heads.  Finally I turned on a movie, but thanks to bad timing on the home care nurses part what I didn't get was a nap.  Turns out Miss Cheetah now weighs 7lbs 9 ounces which is 7 ounces more then she weighed at the hospital.  It is growth which is right on target.  A feat that would perhaps be a little more impressive if she didn't receive many of her meals in her sleep, on a regiment so tight it is driving her mother to exhaustion :)  I wonder if Dr. J would put on some weight if I could feed him this way....hmmm!  A tidbit to file.  The kids are exceptionally cute with Cheetah.  Last night, this night, whatever night we are in, they took turns holding her while we were reading stories.  Each of them was so gentle and when it was time for bed they each begged for just a few more minutes.  It adds just a little bit of gold into my exhaustion!

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