Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Walls Have Ears, Mouths, Eyes, and a Brain

My sister took a little trip home last weekend and I was telling Dr. J about what she did while she was there.  I told him one night she went to my moms for a family dinner, my sister Jo made Indian food with her boyfriend. I was struggling to remember his name.  In my defense I'm horrible with names, especially when I'm on the spot and I've never meet him.  So I'm sitting there trying to tell this story and I just can't remember his name and Captain E says, "You mean Jo's boyfriend Travis."  Hello how did he even know that?  They've never meet, and he really isn't part of the relationship talk but apparently he's been listening to a lot more then I realized.  As our kids get older things are getting more dicey and I'm thinking mom and dad need a little more privacy, a separate language, and definitely our own bathroom. This is a TMI moment so if that makes you squirm just skip to the next paragraph.  A couple of nights ago mom and dad decided to have some alone time.  Keep in mind this was about an hour after the kids had been put to bed but not at our normal post midnight hook up time.  After we were quietly chatting in the bathroom when all the sudden who should appear in the doorway but one Captain E.  "Why are you guys in the bathroom at the same time."  Awkward! We will definitely be looking for a house with a master bathroom!

Gigi is always cracking me up.  Last night she was singing, "I'm a little tea pot, short and hot, touch my spot and burn. Hahahaha!"  Silly girl.  Then tonight we were eating dinner without daddy, a practice I'm fairly sure is common in most doctor families.  To pass the time Gigi was telling knock, knock jokes.  Most of them revolved around underwear and poodles...and there were like 100 of them!  I never realized how much of a comedian she was.  She also is gaining confidence in being bossy.  When her brother says something she doesn't agree with she'll say, "Your wrong E."  And then they proceed to argue about who is right for ten minutes.  The arguing I don't appreciate but the fact that she feels confident to go toe to toe with big brother I do. 

Peach oh Peach.  What a girl.  Today was Grandma's birthday and she was singing right along with the rest of them.  The girl loves to chat.  She was reading a book today and I said, "Are you reading now."  She replied "I'm reading a book now, yes."  Cracks me up.  She is also the most polite child I've ever seen.  She is a please a thank you girl.  This weekend Dr J had a huge sneeze and from the corner of the room there was a little tiny, "Bless you."  Dr. J looked over, saw Peach and said, "Thank You."  To which she responded, "You're Welcome."  :)

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