Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eating Animals - Jonathan Foer

Eating Animals
My sister and I trade a lot of book and movie suggestions.  This one came from her and I totally HATED IT!  I mean there is some decent information here but I just felt so judged.  Hello Jonathan I just like the way meat taste.  I'M SORRY!  Stop being so self righteous and judgemental.  Which of course maybe he isn't.  Isn't it funny how we feel judged by other people's choices.  It's as if someone living one way makes your way wrong or vice versus which of course isn't true.  Nope never mind the man is judgemental :)  I mean I'm a meat eat sparingly person and I think if we went to a meat sparingly culture instead of meat all the time culture everything (general health, the environment, animals) would be a whole lot better off, but reading this book I felt like there was no middle ground.  You either had to jump in and never eat a piece of meat again because it was moral wrong, or you were just horrible.  And I just can't do it.  Like I said, I just like the way it taste.  I mean I never even had a steak until I was a married woman and now that I've gone there it's just to hard to say I'll never go there again.  BUT HERE IS THE MAJOR IRONY, ever since reading this book I can't eat shrimp.  I see it on menus in the restaurants or at the grocery store, I pause and then I just have to keep on moving.  Shrimp was the first sea food I would eat as a kid.  We went on a trip to San Francisco and my mom bought us sshrimp in a sourdough bread half on a pier.  It was one of my first great food memories, completely delicious, and now I can't eat it.  Turns out that trawl fishing for shrimp results in the highest amount of bycatch or incidental catch of non-target species.  Turns out 20 pounds of bycatch for every 1 lb of shrimp, the high, or 5.7 lbs average for every 1 lb.  That's a lot of dead animals for my 1 lovely pound of shrimp.  Just a little too much guilt.  No wonder I hate this book so much.  THANKS A LOT FOER!

She also suggested I watch The Cove.  Looks totally exciting.  I'm waiting for a free night when I can check it out on Netflix.

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  1. Yeah, let's just say, Trav's family is crazy about Sea World. After watching The Cove, there is no way I'll take my family there. :( Haven't read Eating Animals but I agree with you that there should be middle it sparingly!



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