Friday, April 8, 2011

The Cove

Documentary love...check
Beautiful animals...check
Borne identity type operations, equipment, guts, intensity...check
Villain character...check
Horrific imagery...check
Shady government buyouts...check
Scientific proof of the ridiculousness of the current status quo...check
A man doing everything in his power to be able to forgive himself and find redemption...check
Tear jerker...check

Seriously a must see!!! In the words of Dr. J, "I have no problem giving that movie a five out of five."  And just in case your thinking that I'm just picking on something because it isn't my culture I just wanted to say that  the next movie in my queue is Temple Grandin...the woman who revolutionized the slaughter of steak :(  Should be interesting.

1 comment:

  1. I also loved The Cove - it was amazing stuff! Just incredible. I enjoyed the Temple Grandin movie, too. She actually Skyped into one of my psychology classes when I was an undergrad and we got to talk to her directly. Claire Danes absolutely NAILS all of her mannerisms and even her voice. It's an outstanding film.

    I also highly recommend The Inside Job if you haven't already seen it. GREAT documentary.



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