Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-DAY My Way

 V-DAY IS A HUGE DEAL AT MY HOUSE!  It isn't because we are romantic, and let's be honest what is romantic about canned holidays?  The truth is romance makes me a little ill.  What I lack in romance though, I more than make for in tradition.  I LOVE FAMILY TRADITIONS!  Valentine's Day happens to be one of my favorites.  Long ago Dr. J and I decided that going out on Valentine's Day was not worth it.  The crowds are overwhelming and the food always disappoints.  Instead we make a fancy dinner for the kids and we overload them with Valentine's and love from their parents.  It makes Valentine's Day fun for the kids and planning the fun makes me and Dr. J happy

Here is my pinked out Peach waiting for dinner as well as our dinner.  My kids all love salmon so our menu was:
-Salmon broiled with a splash of soy sauce
-Tomato slices with mozzarella and basil
-french bread
-wild rice with mushrooms
-molten lava heart cakes with ice cream and strawberries

I gifted my love a box of chocolates with a short poem.  He gifted me a lovely little plant with a reference to Napoleon Dynamite.  We gifted the children boxes of chocolates, activity books, and silly string.  Valentine's Day was a blast!!!!!


  1. MmmmmmMMMMMM! Love your traditions Crys!

  2. how did the molten cakes turn out? I want to try them. They look delicious.



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