Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Mom Shoes

 With three kids, the day of sexy high heels are long behind me.  Five years in primary was the death blow.  Standing in front, doing sharing time, running from class to class, rocking babies in the back of the primary room, there were days when my feet hurt so bad at the end of church that I found myself limping to the parking lot.  Then there was the Sunday I broke my foot.  I was walking with Captain E in front of me in a pair of four inch Steve Maddens and next thing I knew I was coming down on the side of my foot.  Eight weeks later I was still lugging around in a huge black boot.  Flats became a necessity, even after my foot healed.  For the most part I don't mind but on occasion I really miss the extra lift of a pair of high heels.  Thank goodness for the wedge.  These two are my favorite pairs.

I found this brown pair at Target, clearenced out for $4.  I'm always short on brown shoes so I figured even if I hated them it would be worth it.  I don't!  I love them!!!!  For cheap shoes they are super comfy.  I've worn them to Church, while teaching, around town with a pair of jeans, so far they haven't let me down.  My only complaint...I wish I had bought two pairs!

The second pair are Indigos, part of the Clarks brand.  I love the peekaboo look.  The soles are super comfy.  The wedge gives a great look without sacrificing comfort.  I got these for the cheap online.  I love how the Internet gives you access to sales all over the country.  No doubt about it, the wedge is a mom's best friend!


  1. i LOVE wedges too! i cannot do heels but i can do wedges! target clearance shoes are the best :)

  2. cute shoes! I've been meaning to get some more wedges. I never replaced my last two pairs that gave up the ghost.



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