Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Peach-Our other two children were not early talkers.  Captain E was pretty quiet until 2 years old, G bear until almost 3.  After G bear I decided it had to be me.  I must not be talking to them enough/singing/letting them watch Baby Mozart/it must be genetic.  Then came peach and finally I have an early talker.  Yesterday dear friends of ours took her to the playground.  They put her in the swing where she promply freaked out.  She doesn't like to feel out of control, but when she realized she wasn't going to fall she relaxed and began to enjoy.  When the hubby took her out so they could move on, she reached her little arms up and said, "Swing."  Later on in the day she brought me an Itsy Bitsy spider book (her favorite) and said, "This book."  Hurray.  She is adorable.  She also will start kissing on comand.  If you say kiss she starts puckering.

G Bear-G bear continues to love all things girl.  On Saturday I came home with a matching Gap dress and shoes (courtesy of a rocking garage sale).  When G bear saw them her eyes got super big.  "I love the shoes!  I love the dress!  I LOVE THEM!"  Then she ran over to me, gave me a hug and said, "I love you mom!"  Yes I know I am in trouble. 

Captain E-Captain E continues to be settling into school.  He seems much more comfortable this year.  Is it the teacher or just the fact that he's done it all before?  He comes home every day and tells me, "Mom 1st grade is so much easier than Kindergarten."  Well sweetie I'm glad you think so.  I've volunteered to help out at the school every Tuesday.  Monday the teacher said, "Guess whoes mommy is coming tomorrow."  Then everyone  cheered.  E was so proud :)  When I got to school he was on the corner with his two best buds, G and C.  Now here is the interesting thing about it.  E goes to a incredibly diverse school.  Twenty three percent Asian, 26% black, 3% hispanic.  It is a fairly good mix of kids.  He two best friends...look like they could be his brothers.

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  1. Awesome! I need a mom helper like you Crystal. I wish you were here next year and Ezra could be in my classroom.



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