Thursday, August 19, 2010

Magic House!

We have a museum pass that lets us visit children's museums all over the country.  One of the coolest we've seen is The Magic House in St. Louis.  If you need to kill some time in St. Louis,while you are waiting for a spouse who is in the temple and it is 100 plus degrees so the zoo is is the perfect place.  OK honestly even if it isn't 100 degrees it is still pretty perfect.  So when you are taking three kids through a huge museum with no backup, pictures are not high priority but I did manage to snap a few at this gigantic electric ball.  Can I just say it was a little scary but the kids loves all the wattage!  Go kiddos, GO!


  1. Did you get your pass through Bloomington? We've been wanting to get one, but haven't yet. So I just wanted to know the best place to get one.

  2. E's hair isn't quite as dramatic as G's hair, is it?



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