Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One More Fish in the Sea...

I live in a hot place...add some humidity and it can be unbearable.  That is why today after picking E up from school we headed to the pool.  Oh glorious water!  It is a sentiment held by all of us.  At the beginning of the summer the kids were hesitant about the water.   Everyone witnessed Peach's breakdown her first trip to the pool.  Since then there has been a quick warm up.  Peach loves the water.  She kicks her legs, blows bubbles, will let me lay her down to float, and will say, "Dun, dun!  Dun, dun!  Dun, dun!" as we chase the other kids around the pool.  Apparently dun dun is what sharks say before they eat children :)  G bear uses a yellow baby pool float to keep up with all the big people.  She run from the baby pool to the big pool.  She holds hands with other girls and jumps in.  She puts her hair under water but tries to avoid putting her eyes in.  She loves motor boat.  And then the big news.  Today Captain E STARTED TO SWIM!  He put on his goggles and went all out.  He swam around me.  He swam to the side.  He swam to me.  He did cannonballs off he side screaming "Cannonball!"  He started slipping off the side head first.  Then he started diving into the pool and swimming to me.  It was so fun!


  1. Just read all of your updates. :) It's so nice to hear about the kids! I can't believe E is so old--but mine are so old now that people say that to me, too! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it. Wow! That's so cool!

  3. Wow! E can swim! I can't believe it!



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