Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sad day...

We helped pack up some good friends today...ok when I say we I really mean Dr. Steamy McDreamy helped load the van and I basically just sat around eating donuts and drinking OJ.  I think I was in a state of denial, now it is real.  Our good friends are leaving in the morning.  They got a job and bought a house.  We are happy for them.  Really we are.  We are sad for ourselves.  They were totally made for us.  They've been here almost as long as we have.  They are the same age.  The fathers could be body doubles for each other.  We share similar politics and foreign interest.  Most importantly we have three children a piece that perfectly match up in age.  Hopefully this is the last set of friends we have to see leave us here.  Goodbye Wheelers...WE WILL MISS YOU!


  1. I was putting up a brave face and holding it together...until I read your post. Darnit--made me cry. Thanks for the kind words. We miss you already! Here's praying that our paths will cross again. We just have too much in common to call it coincidence, so hopefully fate will intervene once more. :)

  2. Oh so sad! That is so hard to lose friends in more way than one!



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