Monday, May 24, 2010

What's in the Mail...

Your mail says so much about you. Today's mail...

1) Huggies Coupons. I guess this makes sense. I've been changing diapers on and off again for six years. Can you believe it...SIX YEARS! Oh my! These coupons happened to come with coupons for Huggies "Jeans". I'm sorry but these made me feel a little sick. I'd rather just stick with cute cloth diapers. Also it looks like pigtail girl's mom has been changing diapers for six years as well. Yuck!

2) Fitness Magazine.

3) Classic Kathy Smith Step DVD. Are we seeing a theme here.

4) Ready Made Magazine. I love how funky the ideas are in this magazine. Way too funky for me to actually try out but they are fun to look at.

5) AT&T promotion. They just won't give up.

6) Wells Fargo statement. $16 in a savings account we keep forget to close whenever we are home is the only tie we still have to Utah...oh wait that and our family :)

7) A request from my condo company asking me to bring my drivers license in so they can get a copy. Seeing as this is the third one they've sent out I'd say my mail tells you I'm a procrastinator.

8) A postcard from Grandma and Grandpa Morgan letting us know they renewed their magazines through Ezra's school fundraiser. In the ps section grandpa wrote, "Always remember Transformers more than meets the eye." Funny in laws who love my kids. Aren't I lucky!

9) A credit card statement...containing my mother's day gifts. Lucky my hubby remembered. Married to someone tacky :)

10) And drum roll please...2 U2 Tickets. Ok hopefully this concert is still on. I heard about Bono's emergency surgery. But if it is I can cross off something I've had on my list for 12 years. I'm a lucky girl :)

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