Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Sister Rocks

We are a family not built for running. I mean really we just don't do it. We come from a long line of sitters. In fact I'm pretty sure one of the main reason that my familia has children is so they have someone to get them a glass of water while they are laying on the couch reading a young adult book. What can I say...it is both genetic and learned. There are the few that choose to buck the trend. Most recently both my cousin and my sister ran marathons. Can I just say that I'm so impressed. I've decided a marathon is like a baby being born. You don't just go out and run it, you train for months, sort of like the months of growing a baby. It is physical work. It takes time. You get stronger everyday. Then you go and do it. Just like a birth it is extremely physical and taxing. It is also an emotional endeavor. My sister said there were multiple times that she just wanted to cry. Then you finish and there is an extreme emotional high. In fact it passes to multiple people. When I talked with my sister I was filled with extreme joy. I was awed by her accomplishment. I knew this goal took dedication. It took time from her family. She was up early mornings training. She got blisters, sore muscles, toe nail damage. At one point she had to quit running because she had strained the tendon. She kept at it. This Saturday all her efforts paid off. She ran the Marathon in just under four hours. Up hills, down hills she kept moving. My sister is amazing. I'm so proud of her!

Angi doing what my family does best :)

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