Friday, May 28, 2010

Conjunctivitis, Proof positive my kids are babies...oh wait they are babies!

Pinkeye, a word no mother wants to hear after bringing her kidlets home from nursery.  More than once the kids have picked it up and it has been a nightmare.  The goop, the gunk, the eyes crusted shut in the morning.  Then comes the drops.  All three of my kids make the drops regiment a nightmare.  Kicking, screaming, running, scratching, it takes both Dr. J and me to get the job done.  I used to feel bad for the kids.  I thought wow those drops must really sting.  Last week Dr. J and I both got a sore throat.  He was fine the next day.  Mine moved to my chest, then into my sinuses.  Within a week I had a full blown case of pink eye.  We were pretty sure it was viral but drops were provided to be sure.  I was worried.  I'm not a huge fan of things going in my eyes and the kids behavior gave me pretty strong evidence the drops were going to burn.  Dr. J volunteered to help me out.  I lay down on the bed and put he dropped two drops in the corners of both of my closed eyes.  Then I opened them and started blinking.  I was ready to start screaming, gnashing teeth, kicking my hubby.  And then the truth hit me.  THE DROPS DON'T HURT AT ALL.  NO STING!  NO BURN!  NO NOTHING!  Water splashing in your eye in the shower hurts more.  The drops are like tears, just part of your eye.  The idea of having something put in ones eye, definitely unpleasant, the drops themselves are nothing.  I told all this to Ezra and said, "What is the deal sweetie?"  He laughed and gave me sheepish look and ran upstairs.  Kids, who knows.

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  1. haha Crystal they have already learned to milk it when they are sick. what a valuable lesson in life



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