Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Some October Picture Catch Up

When I was in elementary school everyone used to tell me I had a witch's nose.  Come to think of it that continued into middle school and also high school.  Sometimes you just have to embrace who you are.

How does this kid not fall out of the bed.  Shesh.  It is a balancing act every evening.  

This guy loves hats but only when he is the one putting them on.  Also who doesn't love Target.  

Well at least it isn't a tooth brush.  He has pretty much put every tooth brush in this house in his mouth.

This little guy walking at church in his church clothes is pretty much the highlight of my Sundays.

Aunt Jo and Uncle Travis came to visit with baby O.  

The guys got busy cleaning out the barn and taking down a rickety patio cover.

Aunt Jo brought a bunch of clay and origami paper for the girls to play with. 

The girls went a little crazy with the paper and now I have butterflies hanging from my ceiling fans and puppy dogs hanging from my walls.  The butterflies look awesome when the girls turn the fans on.

Moms trying to get a good cousin picture.  It didn't really happen.

O and me hanging out.

We went to Utah and this guy at a rest stop made some rock necklaces for them.  

Kids in a scrum.

If you aren't tall enough to reach things find a "stool".

Twin day at school.  

80's day at school.  This is how my daughters actually dress most of the time so it wasn't much of a stretch.

We got our house painted.  I'm still getting used to it, wish it had a little more grey but it is definitely an improvement.

We took the kids to a LDS temple walk through.  They enjoyed being able to see the inside.  


  1. Nice pictures! Your baby is getting big!

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