Friday, February 23, 2018

Olympics Hangover

I have an Olympics hangover.  My brother and I have been binging figure skating like there is no tomorrow.  We arguing via text about who we think is the better skater, yell at eachother not to give spoilers if one of us has had to pause, discuss best costumes and song choices, praise and complain about the commentator, and question couple skaters claimes about platonic relationships.  It has been a real treat but yesterday is all came crashing down.  For those watching the Olympics you know the usual strong Russian team has been brought low.  There were allegations of dopping from the top down from 2012.  Any Russians invited have been under the olympic flag and almost no one from 4 years ago has been allowed to return.  One places where they shine bright though has been woman's figure skating.  There were some other amazing skaters but they were all basically slogging it out for who got third.  Meanwhile the two Russians were amazing.  Up until this year it was obvious who woud win.  Then a 15 year old trained by the same coaches jumped on the sceen and came out ahead in the short program.  It made it impossible for me to watch the Long.  My brother had to text me the results late last night.  At four in the morning I settled in to watch the programs.  The 15 year old won.  Point wise she came out on top, but guys Medvedeva's program was golden.  It was probably one of the best skates I've ever seen.  It combined the physical you expect to see with the emotion and artistry you rarely see outside of ice dancing.  I wish they could have in the very least shared Gold.  As it is Medvedeva had to settle for silver, which is a real shame because she was brilliant.

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