Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Blast from my Childhood Past

My friend Nancy posted some Halloween pictures from her childhood, you know the time when most of us wore costumes thrown together by our parents out of stuff they had in their closets and pantries.  It made me want to go and see if I could find any pictures from my Halloweens in my Past.  I found a couple and I hope you enjoy them
 This year our mom dressed me and my sister Jo up like smurfs.  I sort of get a kick out of the fact that our faces are not blue but our hats are.  So technically we were reverse smurfs, but you know one of the joys of being a 1980's kid is this totally would fly.  We are wearing stockings on our heads and our dad's white t-shirts and at least in my case I'm totally happy.  I think Jo probably was fine as soon as our mom picked her up.  Also try and get a close up on my makeup.  I'm pretty sure my nana had to put that together.  Anyway ever used to watch that Drew Carry show with mimi?
 Here is another 1980's classic.  The plastic costume with the plastic mask.  Good grief those things got so sweaty!  But you know we were totally happy.  I was little red riding hood.  I'm pretty sure I wore that costume the next three years but I'd have to call my mom to be sure. 

Here was one of my personal favorite costumes.  I was Cleopatra this year.  I'd have to ask my mom if this was a dress or a sheet.  Throw on a gold belt, a necklace, and another gold belt and you are ready to go.  This costume is particularly awesome because I was eight or nine in this pic and this year when my daughter is eight almost nine she's going to be Cleopatra as well.  Stayed tuned to see pics of that. My sister's were princesses.  I'm pretty sure they are wearing mom mom's dresses and shoes.  She made those princess hats with cardboard and some tulle.  Can we just take a moment to admire how awesome they look.  Why have I not done one of those for my girls yet?  My baby sister was a basket of dirty laundry :)
My final selection was big baby.  I put on a dress I had from when I was five and put a baby nipple on a water bottle.  I'm pretty sure I'm like eleven here and this is probably the last year I went trick-or-treating.  I remember walking around with some friends and our parents.  I think Jo is a strawberry.  I love her little leaf hat.  Ang was a genie.  Costumes I wish I had pictures of, one year I went as a girl from a Mascaraed ball.  I wore one of my mom's purple dresses and a mask.  Another year I went as Athena.  Pretty sure that was also just a sheet and a gold belt but my mom mad me a bow, arrows, and a quiver and I LOVED IT!  I also know somewhere I have a picture of me dressed up as Mother Earth.  That was also a sheet and my mom draped house plants on me.  It sound totally silly but in the 90's you could totally get away with costumes like that.  The years I was thirteen I went as a bride and that year I know I went to a girl/boy party instead of trick or treating.  Somewhere in my mountain of boxes I know I have a picture of that as well.  Maybe someday I will get around to finding it! 


  1. I like that basket-of-dirty laundry idea! Nice costumes, and pretty children.

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