Sunday, December 22, 2013

Scary Shopping Trip

Yesterday we went to the mall.  I feel totally ready for Christmas, but Dr. J who was hasn't had any time to shop really wanted to go out.  One of our stops was the mall to get this years Christmas tree ornament.  We parked at Sears and were almost out of the store when an announcement came over the speakers saying that if you would just come to a table in the back you could get a free gift.  That was all Dr. J needed, he turned around and headed back into the store with Gigi, Captain E, and carrying Cheetah, but I was holding hands with Peach and she freaked out about turning around.  So I headed out into the mall to the ornament kiosk.  We looked at every ornament on the cart and still Dr. J was gone.  We sat down on some couches and Dr. J told me he was watching a slicer infomercial.  Next thing I know I see him at the front of the store, Cheetah on his shoulders, Captain E and Gigi and he's carrying a slicer in his hands headed for a cashier.  We sat a few minutes longer and then I see a man walking out of the store.  There are a couple of people kind of walking around him but I'm not entirely sure they are with him, in fact I sort of had the vibe they weren't.  He's carrying a little girl in his arms and her coat is the same color as Cheetah's, and as I watch him for a second longer I think, "Man that girl really looks like Cheetah," and then a second later I realize it is Cheetah.  I jump out of my seat and start running toward them.  "Cheetah," I yell out my hands reaching toward her.  A woman on the side of him says, "That women is her mother."  I grab her from his hands and he says to me, "She was walking around in the store by herself."  I murmur, "Thank you".  And then I turn toward Peach to make sure she is still sitting on the chair I just vacated.  I also reach for my phone to call Dr. J and as him if he realized Cheetah was missing, and in this moment the man is gone and the groups on either side of him are gone.  But as I'm talking to Dr. J my mind is whirling and my hands start to shake, because it hits me like a ton of bricks, why was he walking out of the store?  If you found a baby wandering around in a store, wouldn't you look for her parents in the store, take her to the cashier, look for a security guard in there?  Those would be the logical choices.  What you wouldn't do is walk out of that store?  Who would walk out of the store?  And then there is the fact that he just handed her off to me when I jumped up yelling her name.  There is no way that he could have known I was her mother.  I hadn't been in the store with them for over a half an hour.  He had no way of knowing who I was or that I was sitting right outside the door.  He just knew that I'd called a name out and grabbed her from his hands and he disappeared.  It was crazy and it freaked me out, I mean really freaked me out.  When Dr. J and I talked about it later he freaked out.  He told me he had just put her down for a second so that he can purchase the slicer and when he looked back down she was gone. I really feel like if I hadn't seen her being carried out of the store she may have been gone forever.  I don't have any proof of this but it just seems so off to me.  I'm so grateful I found her.  Many prayers of thanks to heavenly father for that one.  Can we all agree I really need to buy that monkey leash!


  1. I think you are right on the money with this. What a blessing that you were there, outside the store! There is no way that the man's actions were normal! Yes, buy that monkey leash!

  2. There is NO worse feeling than thinking someone took your child. I had that experience when Jack was about 3 and I couldn't believe how long it took my body to calm down. I was shaking, I had a hard time breathing, I had to go for a long walk and work out some of the adrenaline. I'm so sorry you had that feeling too!!! Scary! And I'm sorry to say, but I think you are right about that man. Totally not normal to walk outside. You go to the store people and have them make an announcement. That's the normal thing to do!

  3. WHAT!? That is so crazy! I'm so freaked out right now. I'm so, so glad you were there at the front of the store and that your family is together for the holidays.

    Now to get my heart to stop racing! Holy cow, girl! Give that baby a kiss from me!



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