Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Kids

Future doctors take care of the doctor.  I love my kids so much.  Sometimes they really know how to drive me bonkers but being their mom is the best part of my life.  Sweet dreams my loves.  I'm proud of each of you and so thankful you chose me to be your mom!  Capt E you are so funny and have such a great mind for wondering what makes things work and trying to make things better.  Gigi you are beautiful, hand working, and so sweet about taking care of everyone.  Peach you light up a room with your personality and spunk, you are a joy to all you meet.  Cheetah you are a whirlwind of terror but also delight.  You are so inquisitive and bright with a twinkle in your eye that makes everyone smile.  I know God gave me the world when he gave you guys to me.  I wish I was a better mom because you guys deserve the best.  All my love, mom.

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