Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Ornament Calendar

Two days ago a friend posted this adorable advent calendar she found at Target.  I was in love with it because it is so colorful and actually quite large, so Saturday morning the kids and I drove over to purchase it.  First we looked in the Christmas stuff but we couldn't find it.  I saw another one that you could put candy but it wasn't nearly as cute and I figured if I really wanted to I could slip candy into this was as well.  So we headed over to the craft area because I remember she had said it was a Kid Made Modern brand and found it on an end cap by the kids craft area.  In the car Captain E said to me, "Why does it say kid made on it?  Does this mean a bunch of kids in sweat shops had to cut all these little pieces out?"  "I think it's because it is something kids can help do."  (Let's hope there is no sweat shop labor going on :(  When I got it home I pulled out all the pieces and read over the single page of photographed instructions.  There were pretty easy to follow and the stiching itself made easier by the fact that they'd marked off where each stitch should be, but it was still time consuming.  LIKE IT TOOK ME ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING!  The kids kept saying, "Are you done yet, are you done yet?"  NO, NO, NO!  Gigi kept coming over and asking if I'd get her lessons to teach her how to sew.  I think even though I didn't go with the sewing machine this year (maybe next) because my hubby and mom were too concerned she was going to sew her finger I will definitely start teaching her.  Finally at ten o'clock I finished my last stitch and Dr. J and I got all the ornaments stuck together.  Then today after church we let the kids decorate them with the included pre-cut sticky felt and jewels.  They had a blast.  It was a great way to start the month and totally worth the 17 dollars and day of aggravation although seriously I wish I'd bought in the week before so I wouldn't have been in such a rush :)  So excited to use it this year and hopefully for years to come.  Thanks for the idea Kami.  (Speaking of Kami she said she added a scripture and Christmas activity to each pocket, which is a totally great idea).  Thanks Target.  Several of the ornaments are wood creatures and they are scrumptious!  I had the bird be the first one we put up because Dr. J's grandparents Jane and Wid always have a tree in their house that they only decorate with a few birds.  While I'm not ready to pare down that far yet, let's face it I'm in the middle of my crazy time of my life, I love how simplistic and outdoors it feels.  So in homage to them and their tree we started with a little bird as well.  I'm hoping they clearance these out at the end of the season and then I can make my sister one with a whole year to get it done :)  On a totally related note all my kids say ordament instead of ornament.  It has gotten to the point where I can't even say it right anymore, but being wrong has never felt so right because seriously people, it is ADORABLE!

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