Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Birthdays should be a Week Long Celebration

So if you are keeping track of my post this week you know that I feel like my birthday is cursed.  Well this year I decided to take control of the situation.  Some friends of mine decided to go for a mom's night out, the date happened to fall on my birthday.  At first I thought, there is no way, but then I realized that with Dr. J coming home after 16 hours of testing this would free up some time for us.  It was the right decision.  My day started out as sort of bummer because Dr. had been at the hotel the night before and the little ladies put me through the ringer.  Luckily our little friend and neighbor came over.  Pretty much the girls just crawled around all morning.  Then my friend Andrea brought lunch over.  Hello Mexican food!  I loved it.  My friend Erin stopped by with a cake.  Then Erin took off with my kids.  I went to Target and just walked the aisle.  Two hours of unhindered time.  It was heavenly.  Then Dr. J got home.  He was EXHAUSTED!  Step 3 done, but it was no fun!  I helped him put the kids to bed and then I headed off with the girls.  I love my girlfriends so much, they are amazing woman, great mothers, and just a blast to be around.  Moving to a new area can be so stressful and it can be really hard to leave good friends alone.  You never know if you can find another group of friends.  Well I did and they are awesome. "When you find cool girls you have to stick with them."  And these girls are cool.  I feel so lucky to know them.

The next day my house looked like this!  What is a girl to do.  Well lucky me Grandma showed up.  First though we took the kids out for lunch at their favorite "Shake and Bake" also known as Stake and Shake.  Our kids love that place.  Then we got Grandma.  My mother in law is the best.  She's fun and helpful.  Last year when I ended up in the hospital three months before my due date she came on at a moments notice and stayed for five weeks.  We love having here and this week was no exception.  
The kids loved making pumpkin cookies with her.  1 can pumpkin, 2 spice cake mixes, 1 bag chocolate chips.  It was delicious and perfect holiday fare.
 With the kids being so well taken care of we headed off for Indian food.  Hello yum!  Not so yum this dumb  game Dr. J is always playing, so I had to go sit by him. That's better!  This is our 11th year together.  Pretty good for two dork kids who got married after only knowing each other a few months.

 My mother bought this Halloween costume for Cheetah and my mother-in-law brought it out.  Talk about adorable!
 Grandma Linda took us out to eat...a lot.  She also did all my laundry, washed, folded, put away.  Yes, feel free to hate me!  She also is/was great company.  Have I said I love my mother in law.  Well I do.

We had some fun at the park.  We had some fun at the zoo!  Really it was an amazing week.  I definitely feel like my cursed birthdays have come to an end!

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  1. Glad you had a great birthday! It's about time :)



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