Tuesday, October 23, 2012

British TV

I love British TV and I love medical drama, so it should come as no surprise that British medical drama is like a mecca of all things good for me.  This week I've been catching up on the show Call the Midwife and can I say I TOTALLY LOVE IT!  The accents, the subject matter, the view into medicine and social issues of the past, really there is just so much to love.  Plus it gives me something to do while I wait for the third season of Downton Abbey.  And yes I know I could be streaming bootlegged copies for England but I've heard there is a little disappointment in seeing it all before the rest of the world.  Other British shows I totally dig...

Dr. Who...the last two season have been AMAZING!
Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Doctor Who (Matt Smith)

Sherlock...ok we had that one issue with A Scandal in Belgravia...but after I went back and read the original and realized how much of the text came directly from Sir Arthur I forgave.   
File:Sherlock titlecard.jpg

Inspector Lewis...I started buying Dr. J slim ties and pants after this series...yes please Sargent Hathaway.

London Hospital, which you can watch free on Amazon Prime.  It is also called Casualty 1900s.  This show is a great window into why we are lucky to live in this time period!  I watched it by myself and plan to rewatch it with Dr. J when he finally gets some time off.

Can you tell I love PBS.  I'd say probably 80% of the media consumed in this house is public broadcast (thank you Frontline, Independent Lens, Masterpiece, Sesame Street, Arthur, World Girl, Martha Speaks, and NPR).  Thank goodness for my political leanings, I can enjoy my true media love, guilt free :)

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