Monday, May 16, 2011

G Bear Art

Feathers on Pine Cone
A Bunny Nest

Sparkles Between Contact Paper
Paint on Foil

G Bear is a budding artist.  Preschool is a great place for a girl like her.  The great thing, they give her lots of opportunity for art.  The bad, I have to find a place for all this stuff.  They do fun things I'd never think...putting sparkles between contact paper, genius.  Paint on foil something new and exciting.  The feathers on the pine cone really made me laugh.  There are twenty kids in the class, Gigi always has the brightest, biggest, most feathered, most sparkle, most ornate pieces in the class.  Every other kid had put maybe three feathers on, G bear had the piece at the top.  Then there is the play doh nest.  I told her before I left her at drop off that it would be fun to make a nest.  When I came back at pickup she had a monster nest.  I asked her, "Woe what is this."  She said, "Mom it is the nest."  "It is huge," I said.  "Well mom it is a next for a bunny, and see these are all her little baby bunnies."  "Wow that is a lot of bunnies," I said.  "Well it is a bunny."

I know she looks sad but she loves this bird house.  She told me the top part is for the mom and dad and the bottom is for all the babies, because they have so many.  She is really on a having lots of babies kick this week.

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