Monday, May 16, 2011

Homework and A Little Cinco De Mayo

I know there are times when I complain about having to force my kids to do things but for the most part homework is not an issue.  As long as he is well rested and fed, Captain E really loves learning.  He likes packet work, science experiments, writing stories, and especially enjoys math.  

What is with this weird eye...I mean seriously freaky!

We went out for Mexican food on Cinco De Mayo.  I mean I realize it is for the most part a non holiday for most of Mexico, but since I'm only half Mexican I enjoy the extra excuse to eat Mexican food.  My kids are obsessed with the sugar packets in restaurants   

We let my quarter Mexican kids pick whatever they wanted...Captain E choose a hamburger :(

Gigi and Peach went with chicken fingers and fries :(

Yes I am looking particularly chunky.  Stress, bad eating, to much going out to eat...things have got to change and fast.  My fat pants were feeling pretty tight today :(  On that note, my meal was totally delicious :)

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