Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Celebration

A Graduation Bananza...notice there aren't any pictures of me.  Grandpa and Grandma I'd be super grateful if you could send me a disc with all your pictures :)  Click on this collage to make it bigger.
Love this archway, just wish the fountain would have been running.

This is the lovely hood.  The blue and orange symbolize his school.  The green shows he graduated from medical school.

Gold is the color of internal medicine, silver is the color of pediatrics when it is with another specialty (otherwise it is red). The gold and silver show that he is doing a residency in medicine and pediatrics and will be board certified in both.  The key is because he graduated in honor society.  

This trip was great with grandparents.  Usually my kids are so shy, but this time they were so comfortable, even Peach.   It was great for grandparents because the kids were so loving.  It was great for this mom because I had so much help.  At graduation I didn't have to hold my children ever...with three grandmas, three grandpas, and an aunt someone else always had them.  I was able to enjoy every second.  I LOVE MY FAMILY and am so grateful they were able to come.  

Dr. J's grandma and grandpa.  Without Jane and Wid we never would have been at this point.  They instilled a love of learning that has never left my husband.

Dad, thanks for all your love and support.

Dad and mom thanks for all your love and support.

Eight years!  Thanks pretty lady for all the great memories, the three children, and the degrees :)


  1. Hooray!!! Eight years of study--now that's definitely worth celebrating. :)



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