Thursday, February 4, 2010

Products I Love - Mountain Buggy

I have a confession to make: I Glenda the God, have an expensive stroller. More than one time this point has gotten me mocked by friends. I've read parenting magazines and blogs that do the same. They say it is for trend value or because people just have money to blow. I used to agree with them...that is before I tried my friend Catrin's stroller. She's from Sweden and has three kids. Before this year they'd never had a car. Instead she relied on her Mountain Buggy to get her kids around. One time last fall we had taken our kids to the playground. I was struggling along with my sit-n-stand, carrying a baby in a sling. She was cool and calm with her Mountain Buggy. At one point she said, "Let's trade," to give me a break from the extra load. To say it was an epiphany would not be an understatement. Over sidwalk, asphalt, rocks, and grass her stroller road like a charm, in fact I was able to push with one hand. Turning was amazing. The thing even fit through doors. I came home and knew I had to have one. Then I saw the price. Wow! So I started combing craigslist and ebay. Finally I found one I liked for $250. Used it still cost more than any stroller I'd ever bought. It is worth it though. When we go for long walks in the park I walk with ease. The mall is a cinch. I can even use the thing as a jogging stroller. It is a big and bulky but if you want something that is comfortable to use, it is worth it.

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