Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Range Chickens and Their Eggs

Organic, free range chickens and the eggs they lay that I steal. That is todays post. Free Range, vegetarian feed eggs are easy to get. They run about 3.30 a dozen. My favorite grocery carries their own brand as well as Egglands best. They come in a nifty little plastic carton which is recyclable (although so is the cardboard one so I don't this is a selling point). They are brown. Which my kids love. I'm pretty sure that is just a fact on what type of chicken they are, but it makes them look more "organic", lol. They taste the same. I've heard people say, "They taste so much better." I haven't noticed that, but they don't taste worse so that is good. I've heard the nutritional value is better. Hubby and I used to wonder how this was possible but then we started thinking about timetable. Typical chickens are forced to sit in tight cages completely indoors with lights that make their days and nights shorter, allowing them to produce more eggs per year. That has got to take it out of your body. It just isn't healthy to defy the natural laws of egg laying :) I get a kick out of the "vegetarian feed". You might be asking yourself well what else could they be eating...well a lot to be truthful. When we lived next door to this old lady, in exchange for eggs and a brake on our rent we took care of her chickens and kept on eye on her. Those birds were nuts. If a chicken or chick died and you didn't get it out of their area they would peck it all up. I guess they were eating it. Still grosses me out today to think about it. Someday I would like to have my own chickens and eat their eggs...I guess that whole chicken thing made an impact, but until then these little brown babies aren't bad!

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