Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sometimes I don't feel like being a team player...

My husband works at a small hospital.  There are lots of doctors and nurses that staff the hospital but sort of the backbone of the hospital is my husband and the four other doctors in his group along with their two nurse practitioners.  Any patient the ER admits, they see, write orders for, and care for until they are discharged.  Any surgical patient is turned over to them after surgery.  They cover the general floor, the ICU, and my husband also does Pediatric coverage.  There is always one of them at the hospital and during the day there is also always one of their nurse practitioners.  Because the hospital is often busy they also take turns being the backup person, meaning that on days off they will usually take two half shifts to come in and help the main doctor keep things moving.  There is a lot of work to share between the five of them. 

I want to layers this over the fact that this week is spring break.  I wasn't really planning on doing anything.  I haven't been feeling amazing, and we've been moving and unpacking but J really wanted to do something to mark the days.  The problem was he was working most of spring break.  He only actually is off Thursday-Sunday of the kid's spring break.  It just didn't seem long enough to do anything.  At first we talked about taking the kids to Disneyland but J didn't want them to miss school and wanted a full seven days if we were going to make a trip like that.  Then we talked about going camping, but he wanted to go to Yellowstone.  We ultimately vetoed that idea because it is still pretty cold up there right now and could easily snow.  Finally we settled on a trip to Portland.  It is only about a 1/2 day drive from us and we figured we could at least enjoy a few nights in a suite and do some of the things they have in town there.  This trip planning though has been largely left on my shoulders since J has been exceptionally busy the last couple weeks and so I booked the hotel and planned out an itinerary alone. 

Then two days ago J calls from work to ask what our plans were.  Turns out whoever was suppose to do backup for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday can't and they were wondering if he could pick up the half shifts.  Well first off Wednesday he's actually the one basically no he can't pick up the shifts and it means he has no back up person on Wednesday and then we have our trip planned, a trip he sort of insisted we take, and the suite is already booked come Thursday-Friday.  I reminded him of that, and he was like, "Oh yeah well I can't do it then"  But someone must have been working him over because today he calls and ask if I think it would be possible for him to go in tomorrow morning and do a half shift if he starts really early because he feels bad about leaving Peter with 22 new patients.  I get that my husband is a good guy, that he is a team players, and that he is trying to do what is best for his patients and for his team.  I also know that these are the people who are there to pick up shifts if he needs them in emergencies.  I get it.  That is why I said yes.  But inside I wanted to say no because truthfully sometimes I just don't feel like being a team player. 


  1. I don't blame you. Hope you had a good trip to Portland!

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