Thursday, May 7, 2015


This was my favorite movie of the year, maybe the last three years, maybe the last five.  I enjoyed the plot, it was suspenseful, and it was smart, just so smart.  The kids and I just read a booble head book about Einstein.  Has anyone else ever read these "Who Was" books?  My kids really enjoy them.  I just read a book about Albert Einstein recently and this one matched pretty well although the cut out some of his jerky bits.  He was kind of a jerk.  Don't believe me, check out how he treated his first wife Mileva Maric and his kids.  I guess he gave her the money he won for the noble prize.  Althougg maybe part of it was hers anyway.  There is some debate over if she contributed to his theories.  Some people claim they have seen no evidence of that in his writings but on the other hand she was a brilliant woman in her own right and it is hard for me they didn't talk and bounce ideas off each other.  Just this month I sat up late into the night with my husband as he put together a presentation.  I read articles at the same time he did.  I pointed out stuff I thought was important, looked up stats and found reference material.  That presentation was as much mine but my name wasn't on it and no one would ever know that.  My friend Nancy goes over all of her husband's papers before he turns them in.  I know my friend Bridget's husband bounces ideas off her.  A lot of times we woman married to academics are there in the background, helping in different degrees.  I think the two most convincing pieces of evidence of her help are one, the fact that he gave her the money from the Nobel  Prize and two, the fact that all of Einstein's good finished theories happened while he was married to Maric.  There is no doubt in my mind Einstein was brilliant, definitely one of the most brilliant minds to ever exist but maybe he had a little help in refining his ideas.  I don't know that it matters but it is interesting to think about.  Another one of the things that stuck out to me when I was reading to the kids is that part of Einstein's genius is that he was able to explain his theories in really simplified terms that us average dum dums could understand.

Knowing that I think he would have enjoyed Interstellar.  There were some parts that were really hard to believe but it was fun to see his theory of relativity on film in a cool story.  It is amazing to me that this movie didn't win all the awards.  How did Birdman win 4 academy awards?  That movie was terrible.  Jason and I rented and after ten minutes turned it off deeming it unwatchable.  I mentioned it to the video store girl when I was turning it in and she told me that they had never had another movie in the video store that she had heard as many complaints about.  But Interstellar was great.  If you liked the visuals of Gravity you will love Interstellar, but where Gravity left me bored Interstellar still has me thinking.  I'm sorry this one lady trying to get down from space for two hours, well it just wasn't enough for me.  There wasn't enough dialogue, enough character development, enough story development.  I realize this is a fault of mine, blame it on too much facebook.  It is a big joke between me and Captain E, whose favorite movie is Wall-E another space movie that I have declared super boring, that I have terrible taste in movies.  Maybe he is right but interstellar is going on my amazing movie list.


  1. We watched this a week or two ago and I'm still thinking about it, too. And just when I think I have my mind wrapped around it, I get thinking some more and figure out a new wrinkle!

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