Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DIY Near Catastrophe

I'm starting to feel like DIY projects are cursed.  You know those blogs devoted to DIY projects, how do those people stay married.  I  mean seriously?  In the last month we have replaced our dishwasher, we framed our bathroom mirrors, we replaced faucets, every doorknob in our house, replaced a bunch of boards on the treehouse, repainted most of the house and baseboards, put new mulch in our garden beds, did a ton of weeding, replaced the bathroom floor, and the the kitchen and every project was exhausting.  It isn't to say these weren't doable, they just took way longer than we thought they would, they were always fraught with mishap, and there were times when we wanted to kill each other.  It is like every project was cursed.  Yesterday just proved to be more of the same.  We had a roof tile that had flown off in a storm.  The insurance guy came out and said we should just replace it, it was going to cost $300.  So J went to the hardware store and got some roof tiles, nails, a roof cement.  I'm pretty sure it cost $30.  But then he just didn't have the time.  He's been really busy trying to get all his graduation stuff put together and then getting ready for his new job while of course doing his old job, well things have just been busy.  So he hasn't had time to get around to it.  I mentioned this to my friend on Saturday.  Her husband had fixed tiles on their house before they sold it and when he heard J had been so swamped he offered to come over.

So yesterday he showed up at my house at nine.  He grabbed the supplies and headed up onto the roof and everything was good until he had to come back down the ladder to get a second tile and that friends is when I watched my friends husband fall from the roof of our second story to the roof of our first store.  It was horrifying.  Slow motion I saw the ladder start to slip, he grabbed for anything he could get his hand the gutter start to bend, he feel through the air, hit the the roof, started to slide and then the ladder came down on him.  The crazy thing folks is he got back up, wiped himself off and climbed back up on the roof to get the supplies.  He then came back down only this time we chatted for about twenty minutes first.  I think we were both a little shaken, can you blame him, before he attempted the dissent.  He made it back down the first story roof and then fixed a tile there that had torn when the ladder came tumbling down.  He then told me he was retiring from roofing and I told him I was retiring from DIY.  Seriously people I think we are cursed.  My friend ended up with scrapped up arms and probably a sore back, the roof ended up with some discolored tiles (turns out J picked up the wrong color that depending on the inspector we might still have to pay someone to replace), our gutters got bent,and our siding got scratched.  Let's all be grateful that he didn't fall all the way, that he didn't break something, or impale himself on a light fixture.  Still though, cursed people, done with DIY, that is all!


  1. Holy cow! What an experience!

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