Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What if all campaign ads were positive.

I know this is totally unrealistic but I've been thinking about this a lot recently.  With four guys in the running now for the republican nomination, four guys who I'm pretty confident in saying don't have much of a chance, Republicans your real nominee has not announced themselves yet and only one for the democratic party, is anyone else going to run, it is time to start thinking about these things again.  The thought actually first struck me when Hillary announced and no one else did.  Look I know she's not the only one who is going to run.  It honestly doesn't make sense because even if you think she is the heir apparent or this is her turn or whatever, if you are a democrat who wants to run eventually to win this in four or eight years the time to get your name out there is now.  But while there is just her I thought, "What would it be like to just waltz up to the election not having to deal with negative campaign ads.". (And yes i realize the four stooges have already started in on her...but soon they will turn on each other).  What if you could just put yourself out there.  This is me.  This is what I stand for.  This is what I hope to do.  This is what makes me special. Nothing about anyone else.  You leave the dirt for the "free press" if there is such a thing anymore to dig up and you leave the highlighting of difference to the debates." Would it be so bad?  Truthfully I think we'd all be better off.  Regardless of how you felt about Mitt Romney it seems pretty clear he suffered the most damage in the primary.  Sure there was the damaging comments at the "private dinner" (people everyone has cell phones...nothing is private...police officers please for the love remember you are probably always being filmed) but even before that he was a wounded warrior.  He'd taken a beating, a slamming, he'd been forced to do such a hard right to answer criticisms that he lost what actually worked for him, the fact that he was a moderate republican who knew how to get things done nicely in a democratically held state.  It was actually a pro but rather than defend it he abandoned it, and came off disingenuous and then listening to people who slammed him for months suddenly back him....that did as well.  I'm tired of the political process.  I'm tired of the money and the mud slinging and just the stink of crap.  Tell me who you are and let me decided.  I can decide for myself what I don't like about candidates.  I don't need it spoon feed to me with a ridiculous slant.  I'm sick of that garbage.


  1. me, too! I don't even listen to it, and the flyers they bombard me with go straight in the trash unread.

  2. This is one of the things that I completely dislike about the USA. The political campaigning is so LOOOOOOOOONG. I hate the year before an election year and election year itself.

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