Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yearly State Fair Trip!

We take this yearly state fair trip. The kids look forward to it, as do I although I always know it is going to be hot, crowded, and exhausting.  This year was more of the same, lots of highs, and some lows.

There is always a farm based theme to the fair.  This year was the year of the popcorn so of course we had to get some.  Cheetah was a huge fan.  

We also found that in the 4H tent they were selling reasonably priced ice cream so we grabbed a few.  You know you are going to spend a ton on food at the fair, so it is nice when you find something delicious that is about what you'd pay in the real world :)
We finished off our lunch with a corn dog.  Last year I went all crazy and got elephant ears and funnel cakes, turkey legs, and lemonade, I ended up feeling a little sick by the end of the day and being out sixty dollars.  This year we stuck to basics.  Can it get any more traditional then a corn dog at the fair?  I'm not a huge fan of corndogs...really hotdogs in general but this little baby was delicious!  Best pictures of this trip are below so you had better scroll through them.  They are actually some of my favorite of the year because they show the love my children have for each other and you have to love that!

Like a typical midwestern summer it was super hot but the kids had a good time getting drenched in the misters.
We do a yearly visit to the "Little Hands on the Farm"  Captain E is way to big for that tractor but the had a weight limit of sixty pounds which is still hasn't managed to reach so he snuck on :)

Gigi saw this horse and said, "Mom can you please just take a picture of me by it."  This girl loves horses.  I'd love to get her into ridding lessons but who has the time...or money :-/

The kids also loved these pygmy goats.  We were in the goat barn at least an hour while they ran from stall to stall.  I wish we had room for one.  They are so cute!  Dr. J thinks I'm being ridiculous.
Mountain buggy plug.  Every year I go to the fair I think, "This stroller is the greatest thing on earth."  Here I am pushing a 9 year old, six year old, and four year old WITH ONE HAND!

In the horse barn this guy walked right by us.  Can you see Peach's pink shoe at the very bottom of the picture.  He was definitely a gentle giant.  Didn't seem to mind one bit he was in a tiny corridor surrounded by people.
This is my favorite pic of Gigi and Peach at the fair.  Need a boast, that is what sisters are for.
Conked out after hours of fun.  
Finally we made our way over to the games.  We didn't do many rides this year because most of them are like four dollars a ride but we did do a few.  This spinning bear was broken and hardly moved at all.  Dr. J was NOT HAPPY!

Because what you really want is to see a sweaty picture of me at the fair.  I seriously sweat too much!
This was the kids favorite ride.  They road it twice.  Gigi said to me, "I can almost imagine I'm flying!"

This is them telling me about how much they loved it!  

This is my favorite pic of Gigi and Captain E.  I love that when things are new and little scary they like to face them together.  I think that is the best part of having siblings.  Sure, sometimes they drive you nuts but they are also there for you when you need them.

Cheetah was filthy, I mean just disgustingly dirty by the time the day was over.
The kids wanted to buy stuff and had even brought their money.  I hate fair toys and their prices but they were so hopeful.  We found this game where for three dollars they could throw darts at balloons and were guaranteed a prize.  They had a blast although you wouldn't be able to tell from the picture of Peach bellow.  I don't know what crawled in her craw, but she was grouchy for this one picture.

Now she is back to her happy self!!!

Cheetah photo bomb!  Showing off their prizes.  They were happy little fair goers.  


  1. So cute! I love the pics where they're telling you how happy you made them, the one of Gigi on the blue bleachers that match the beautiful sky and Captain E and Gigi holding hands, Priceless! So many cute ones of the baby and Peach so adorable!

  2. That picture of Captain E and Gigi is adorable, wedding slideshow quality, just to show how sweet they are to their siblings. :)

    I'm glad you had a fun time! We're having our school carnival tomorrow (which is not like an actual fair but I'm still having a bit of anxiety about it; I don't know why I sign up for these things). The kids are so excited to earn some (crappy) prizes that I will loathe until I can throw them in the garbage. :)



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