Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cheetah Files - Preemie Life 22 Months

 I wish I could bottle Cheetah up and take a little sip of her everyday.  She is the Energizer Bunny on Methamphetamine.  Remember people I have four children so this is not my first time at the rodeo but man this girl has kick.  Trouble at her birth just a preview for her future.

She loves this window seat!  I mean just absolutely loves it.  She will climb up there and yell at her dad, the garbage truck, her siblings, the bus.  She knows words for pretty much everything and loves labeling things at the top of her lungs!
 Peach and Cheetah spend many hours together.  One of their favorite things to do is read and they especially love this popping book my mom found at Costco.  Pretty much you just keep pushing these pieces of plastic back and forth and they make a pop sound, like a never ending piece of bubble wrap.  They love it!

Cheetah also loves to raid shoes from mom and dad's closet.  This activity drives daddy bonkers because said shoes disappear and he'll be looking all over the house for his "other brown shoe!"

She climbs into the sinks all the time.  Sometimes she'll get all the way in and turn on the hot water.  It drives me bonkers, but her newest feat is even more spectacular, she'll just hang on the edge of the sink like this, turn on the cold water and get a drink.  Who the heck does this?  I mean seriously, what 22 month old climbs the sink to get drinks?  This child is a weird one :)

More recent months have also found her exploring the world as a nudist.  The likes to help get herself dressed has morphed into the can take all her clothes off and be out of her diaper in ten seconds or less.  Seriously such a pain!  Especially since this girl has since this discovery gotten poop all over my floor no less than three times.  So we've started a onsie always rule and she now sleeps always in footy pajamas.  One can only clean so much poop off the floor before one goes crazy :-/

Also we've found a new love in life...this girl LOVES ELMO!  I mean just really LOVES HIM!  The first thing she'll ask for most mornings is him, the last thing she ask for, if she sees a phone, or ipad, or tv, she always says ELMO, ELMO, ELMO!  I found this Elmo stuffed animal that has been kicking around our house for years and she is just over the moon about it.

This girl loves her veggies, takes after her sister Gigi she does.  If I leave the fridge open for a sec, I will often find her looking for delicious bits.  She cracks me up!

This year with her two older siblings in full time school, and Peach in preschool and a much desired play date, Cheetah's gotten a little more time with mom to herself .  She's enjoying it by running errands, reading books, and playing dance parties.

This girl is still a bit of a destructomatic.  I took her to this bookstore and within a second she had a whole row of books down.  This is of course while her sister was calmly looking for a My Secret Unicorn book.  Oh well.  I guess that is the difference 2 years makes :)

This girl is still such a dare devil.  This playground is for the big kids but she is all over it.  Recently she was yelling at me from the platform where the monkey bars are, they are still about three feet to high for her to reach, "Up mama, UP!"  Yeah kid, sure I'll do that and then I'll get ready to drive you to the emergency room to have your arm set.

Oh yeah, look here I am a nude again.  Good grief.  This was the same day she escaped out of the side gate and the neighbor found her roaming in the culdesac.  I hadn't even realized she was gone, I was too busy trying to help Captain E with his homework and had thought she'd gone in the house with Dr. J.  He thought she was in the back with me.  It wasn't until I heard her screaming out front that I was hit with the panic.  Worst feeling ever realizing your kid might be gone!  I was so relieved my neighbor had grabbed her and brought her back!

This girl loves her mama.  There was a couple of days after I got back from my sisters wedding when she was really angry at me and she just didn't want to be by me but a week after I got home we were best buddies again.  She loves to give hugs and kisses, high fives, and fist bumps!

And this is why you have to have eyes on this girl all the time.  22 months and going strong!  We love our little Cheetah!


  1. She seems like so much fun and so exhausting at the same time. And what is it about Elmo? I don't know but it is definitely a reality.

  2. Hahaha! I love her and all her shenanigans!



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