Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunday - It Is All About Hair

  Sunday is all about hair.  Gigi, was rocking out the curl look.  She loves curls.  Of course her hair is stick straight.  How is that for irony.  My whole life I just wanted my hair to be straight.  Her whole short life she's wanted hers to be curly.  This Sunday we were able to at least give her a little tasted.  Peach's hair still won't hold a curl, but it is starting to grow out again and laying a lot flatter than it use to.  Sunday was her first Sunday as a Sunbeam at church, that means she is officially in Primary now.  They actually traded out the first Sunday of January but with the holidays and illnesses we missed the last four Sundays.  This Sunday we made it and she was super excited!  As for Cheetah she hates having her hair up, but this one Sunday she left it alone for the three hours of church.  I think she forgot it after the first 45 minutes of trying to pull it out.  What do you think of her dresses?  I found that beauty at Target in the clearance section, $5.00!

 Here is my little beauty taking a nap.  What is with these eyelashes.  I mean they are just so crazy long!  My kids are lucky to take after their daddy in this way.

 Nothing says love like a chocolate chip apparently we don't love daddy that much because this was the last cookie and we ate it :)  When Captain E saw it he said, "You much take a picture of this heart shaped cookie."  And so we did!
 Dr. J had Wednesday off this week.  So we headed to Sams.  After we ate lunch...not very many places you can feed four people for 6 dollars :) I love Cheetah's face it this pic.  Her cheeks are stuffed with pizza.  What do you think of Peach's pig tails.  She was so thrilled that her hair was long enough to wear this way.
 Cheetah found this sports bra in my laundry pile and picked it up.  Then she put it on.  I don't know if she knew what it was, but it wouldn't put it past her.
I'm a cutie!

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